Apply here to become an SPD Parent SHARE Host today!

This page contains our official online application for becoming an SPD Parent SHARE Host. Here you can fill out Part 1 of a 3 stage process for becoming a Host. You should not fill this form out unless you are sure you would like to become a Host.

The 3 processing stages are as follows:

  • Stage 1: Online Application (you are here)
  • Stage 2: Emailed Guidelines, to be sent by a staff member after review of online application.
  • Stage 3: Staff Approval; Your application will be reviewed, and approved applicants will be invited into our Hosts-only group. You can be added to our database, and this website, if you desire.

If you have any concerns regarding this process, or if you would like to request to go through this process via email application, please contact our currently active Administrator, Dan Travis can help you privately. If you are concerned for your privacy, please read our Privacy policy for incoming Host applications.