Host Testimonials

Here’s what our SPD Parent SHARE Hosts have to say about why they do what they do, and why they love to be part of this family.

Brook and Dan Brubeck

“My husband and I just began as hosts, and what convinced us to join was seeing the passion and dedication the people at SPD Parent Share have for educating people about SPD. The information and support we have received from this group has been inspiring.

Coming from the place we started, which was scary and confusing and frustrating, to a place of hope and understanding, was amazing for us, and we want to share that with others who are feeling those same things. It’s never easy to see your child struggle and be in pain, and to be able to give parents information which can ease that pain, is such a gift. When we shine the light on SPD, it makes it that much easier for the next family to get the help they deserve.”

— The Brubecks, our Sabetha, KS Hosts

Denise Mckeon

“I decided to run the SPD parent group to reach out to parents who have just learned about Sensory Processing Disorder. When my son first began exhibiting odd behaviors, I had just moved to Virginia. I was really isolated and depressed. I ended up meeting a friend who had a child with a similar disposition. We became the best of friends and so did our children. She saved my mental health. I still thank my lucky stars for her coming into my life.

Running the support group is a wonderful experience. I really enjoy connecting to parents as they come to understand SPD, and share their struggles and hope!”

— Our Philadelphia, PA Host

Janette Lopez

“I’m usually not one to speak out and be so ‘voicetrous’ until my life was touched by my sons needs. I have changed and find it so rewarding when I have been able to share with others about SPD or educate other parents on SPD. And when you’ve heard how helpful it was by my speaking up, well….it warms my heart. It’s a wonderful feeling being able to help just one parent help their child….just wonderful!!”

— Our Center Moriches, NY Host

Holly Seerly

“I am so pleased to give to others and see other parents giving, as it can seem such a lonely, isolated journey. I want to give what I would have liked to have had myself along the way from other parents. My hope is to make someone else’s journey a little less overwhelming and a lot less lonely, as well as hope that each will pass along support and resources to additional parents so that the community of informed parents of kids with special challenges grows.

It feels like a grass-roots movement that is gaining momentum. We were a rather isolated and sometimes hidden group, parents of special needs kids especially those with the invisible disabilities, not so long ago. It is a breath of fresh air to talk openly and honestly, to share the pain and losses in facing the neurological issues our children have, and to share the hope, successes, and deep meaning of raising our beloved children to be the best people they can be.

This is a special “been-there, done-that” community of parents who know what it’s like to be the best and worst we can be as parents as well as “get it” when we talk about our kids being the worst they can be without doubting that we still love them even with steam coming out our ears and mouths.”

— Our Mid Valley, CA Host

Katrina Oliver

“My child had been in Occupational Therapy for about 8 months when I decided to become a host. We had such a difficult time finding information about SPD and other families to talk about it with. Since I was a ‘pioneer’ in my circle of friends and family, I had no one to get advice from as far as how to deal with the day-to-day life, finding specialists and dealing with school. There are plenty of other types of support groups in my area but none for SPD. By word of mouth I found three families in my neighborhood who have children with SPD.

With the support of SPD Parent SHARE, I held my first meeting. It was very small, only 4 attended, but it helped all of us to just talk about our experiences. They thanked me for starting the group but I have to say that it helped me a lot as well.

I can’t wait until my second one!”

— Our Suwanee, GA Host

Holly and Dr. Alan Barnes, DC

“While we haven’t managed to get as far as getting a group started yet, we are excited about the prospect.

My dh is a chiropractor and is interested in working with SPD families. He has done research and talked with other doctors who work with children in the Autistic spectrum. Not only to treat them, but to help make people aware of SPD and it’s issues and to perhaps provide a place of support. Everything we’ve done, we’ve done on our own, and a support system would have been wonderful!

During his internship in school, he had a family who came in and he immediately recognized the sensory issues in their child, mainly because of his own experience with our son. He was able to talk with them, and their relief at finding out that there was a reason for their child’s behavior, and some resources available was amazing. So, this is an avenue that we would like to explore.”

— The Barnes’, our Nampa, ID Hosts

Joanne Mills

“My name is Joanne. I’m a relative “newbie” Host. I kind of floundered around by myself for years. Most of what I learned was by observing my own kids struggle. No need to be shy with this group. They are all great people! They seem to love you no matter what. I feel a unique kinship to them all. And hey, here we are, all struggling against the same prejudices and obstacles, together. Guess what, we’re winning! Bit by bit we are opening the eyes of America, and now the world. Together we are showing our children that this world won’t be such a scary place if we can just educate the populace.

We are winning . . . not for us, but for our kids!”

— Our Homosassa, FL Host