Adderall Duration – How Long Does Adderall Stay In Your System

Adderall is the most commonly endorsed medication for the treatment of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder(ADHD). The active components of the drug are amphetamine which is known to stimulate the functioning of the nervous system.

Studies have shown that the effectiveness of the drug improved the symptoms of ADHD up to 70-80% in children and 70% in adults. Apart from its approved usage, it is also used in the treatment of severe depression.

It is mandatory to use Adderall only as per the guidance and supervision of your primary care physician due to its being addictive that increases the possibility of misuse among patients. When used by those who do not have ADHD, it can cause increased side effects.

The dosage amounts that are to be taken should be as per the physician’s recommendation. It will be done so after a careful evaluation of your physical and mental health therefore increasing or decreasing the quantities should not be done without appropriate medical advice.

The article provides information on how long the medicine stays in your system and the factors that affect its elimination.

How fast does Adderall leave your system?

In a physically healthy adult, the components of the medication are metabolized by the liver, absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract, and are eliminated from the body via urine. However, the complete elimination of the drug does not happen as the components are still detectable in the body as recapitulated below.

In Blood

Adderall is detectable in blood tests after 46hrs after the last use. It is the fastest way to detect the presence of the medication in one’s body.

In Urine

It is detectable in urine for about 48-72hrs after the last use. The concentration is higher than other tests as it is the only means for the drug to be eliminated from the body.

In Saliva

Can be detectable for about 20 to 50hrs after the last use.

In Hair

Though not a common mode of determining the drug’s presence in the body it is detectable in the hair for about a month.

What are the factors that affect how long Adderall stays in the body?

Every person’s body works differently and the question of how long it stays in the body is based on various factors. Some of them are abstracted below.

Body Composition

The body composition of a person includes their overall weight and how much body fat they have. These factors are how the medication works and how long it stays in your body. That is the reason why people who have higher weight are more likely to be recommended for higher dosages.


The human body consists of enzymes that are responsible for breaking down the components. The rate of metabolism varies based on gender and that is the reason why the medication is eliminated faster in males than in females. The faster the metabolization the faster Adderall is eliminated from the body.


Higher dosage amounts can take a longer time to metabolize and therefore leading to the medication staying in the body longer. Adderall is available as an immediate release and as an extended release based on the speed at which they attain their peak effects.


Age is yet another factor that is to be considered. With a person becoming older the functions of the organs gradually reduce too. The size of the liver decreases thus metabolization is slow. This causes the medication to be eliminated from your body slowly.

Organ function

The liver, the gastrointestinal tract, and the kidneys play a major and vital role in breaking down and eliminating the drug. An ineffective functioning of any of these can cause Adderall a longer time to leave the body.


Adderall remains detectable for up to 72hrs after its last usage. As mentioned earlier the duration that is taken for the components to break down and for them to be eliminated from the body are based on various factors. Talk to your doctor for clear instructions on Adderall usage or if you have any queries or concerns.