Is it safe to take Adderall during pregnancy?


A woman who might be taking Adderall would be in a confusion state whether to take Adderall during pregnancy or not. This is because she would fear whether this medication would affect the fetus. Those women who are pregnant should not take Adderall because it is not safe for the fetus. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has listed this drug in category c. This means that the Adderall pill would cause harmful effects to the developing baby and children’s health. The lab tests are done on the animals which are pregnant and were found that these medications have affected them.

What would happen if a pregnant woman takes Adderall?

If a pregnant woman takes Adderall, it may cause birth defects, premature delivery, and miscarriage. There is no abundant evidence on a pregnant woman as it was only tested on animals. If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant and taking Adderall medication to treat your medical condition, you can ask all of your questions to the doctor as it is possible to get a genuine answer. When consulting with the doctor, it would be safe for you as well as the developing baby.

What should I do if I am not able to manage without Adderall medication?

If a pregnant woman quits Adderall drug during pregnancy and still functions in a better way it is well and good. Just imagine the women who cannot handle themselves without Adderall medication. What should they do in this situation? You need to consult your gynecologist about this. They would tell you whether the benefit of Adderall is more or the adverse effects on the fetus are more.

If the benefit is more, then the Adderall medication would be prescribed to you. Regular checkups, non-stress tests, as well as scan, should be done to analyze the weight of the developing baby and the well-being of it. There are also other ways like exercise and, massage, meditation, psychotherapy that can be taken after consulting with your medico. This would help you to get relief from ADHD issues as well as help you in labor.

Shall I take Adderall medication while breastfeeding?

adderall during breastfeedingAre you a woman who is breastfeeding a baby and have plans of taking Adderall medication? You should not take Adderall medication while lactating period. The traces of Adderall medication would pass on to the baby and would cause harmfulness to them. If you have any questions regarding this it can be asked to your pediatrician who would help you to solve your problem.

When should I start taking Adderall again?

taking adderallWhen you stop breastfeeding the baby, you should go to your doctor or you can log on to an online portal to have a chat session with an online doctor for a check-up. The medico would analyze your health condition and would prescribe the Adderall medication for you. Do not start the course of therapy on your own as the dosage strength of Adderall might be changed. When consulting with the doctor, he/she would know the exact dose for you. He can also prescribe you Provigil an alternative to Adderall and has the same effect as Adderall. Take exact dosage of Provigil to avoid health issues.

Thinking about your health and wellness, it is always better to get advice from the medico and it is always best for you when you opt for an online purchase of drugs from only reputed online sites because there will be no fear of getting a fake medicine from genuine online sites which provide quality Adderall without Rx with good discount price without compromising on the quality of the drugs.