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Are you the parent or guardian of a child who has been diagnosed with, or suffers from, Sensory Processing Disorder? If so, then you will be needing plenty of help, trust us. We know. We understand. We’ve been there, and have lived to tell our tales.

In this section or SPD Parent SHARE, you can find all of the best information available to help you cope with having a loved one whose life is affected by this common yet devastating disorder.

Here’s what you’ll find in this area:

A Note To All Parents

You have found us because you have a child, or know someone who has a child, who is suffering from Sensory Processing Disorder.

Sit back, fix a cup of something warm and soothing, and let me tell you about hope and possibilities. When you came to this site, you may have been feeling hopeless, and distraught. But for right now, all you need to do is allow yourself to believe… in the possibility, that someone you love, who seems lost, will get better!

Are you ready? Then let’s begin to change your life and the lives of SPD families everywhere!

On this day, you begin a journey, that will become the most amazing adventure! As you learn about SPD, what to do, and how to help a beloved child, you begin to change, not only their life but your own. You finally understand why. You see that it all makes sense. And you learn how to help make it better.

You can do this! Because in doing so, you are changing a sad, lost and vulnerable little life to a happy, contented, and fulfilled one. You are giving the gift of a future full of bright possibilities to a child who had no light, and no hope. And I know you want to, because you are here.

And we are here for you. SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E. is exactly that… parents of SPD children, who want to share, who are willing to help, support and educate you. Is there anyone else offering you their dedication and all they have to give to help you save a life and give hope to a child with SPD?

If not, then you must read on!

I am just like you. I am the parent of a child who was severely affected by SPD. Whose terror-filled nights were nothing compared to the horror of his days. SPD at its worst was totally debilitating, and not only for my child but for our entire family. You too are probably exhausted, frustrated, and stressed beyond anyone’s comprehension. Or so you thought.

But here, at SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E., we have all been at the place you are, or maybe, right now. We all felt the guilt of not understanding what is happening with our children. We have all faced the blame for behaviors that were unacceptable.

We understand that nothing seems to work with these children, and no one knows why. It must be our fault, right? Wrong. It is not your parenting, it is not your fault. It is not just a badly behaved child.

It IS a disorder, a neurological disorder of the brain, simply put, where signals sent to the brain from all the senses, external and internal, are mixed up, or processed incorrectly, and the results you see are the behaviors of your child. Take a breath right now, and read that again. It is not your fault. It is no one’s fault. And it can be helped. And you can, and will begin to learn right now, this moment, what to do about it. Welcome home!

Are you ready to learn about SPD? Are you ready to help yourself or a child?

You can begin now by going to our Host Directory or our Support Groups!
Asking questions, getting answers.

— Written by Michelle Morris