What About US? Adults with SPD!

It’s true, not a lot of time is generally spent covering Sensory Processing Disorder in adults. There simply aren’t as many resources available to someone who has lived so long with this invisible disability. Well, the tide is slowly turning.

As you are reading, more research is being conducted, and more adults are finding out about this disorder. More adults are looking for help, and more adults are finding it. It is only a matter of time before adult SPD is almost as well covered as SPD in children, similar to how ADHD in adults is a popular topic.

In fact, adult SPD is such a big topic, that SPD International has dedicated an entire website to the topic. So stop by www.spdlife.org today, to find additional support and solice on a site dedicated to adults.

This being a parenting site, though, we have narrowed the articles down to just the highlights. In our “Help for Adults with SPD” section, we have the best articles on adult SPD around.

Here’s what we have to offer in our “Help for Adults with SPD” section: