Treating SPD Through OT and Sensory Diets

There are plenty of places on the Internet that discuss all of the problems associated with Sensory Processing Disorder, but what about the treatment methods? Now that we know what SPD is, and we’ve figured out the problem, that enables us to work on ways to help find an answer to that problem.

No, sorry; we don’t have a miracle cure to offer you. We haven’t created some sort of anti-sensory dysfunction medication, either. We do, however, have a ton of experience at using a combination of occupational therapist guided treatment programs and well designed sensory diets to see a child with SPD ‘break out of their shell’. It is amazing, and at times it looks like it couldn’t possibly work; but it does! Thousands of children and adults have been reached and helped in this way already, and there are much more to follow.

On this special “Treatment and Sensory Diets” section of our website, we discuss the many beneficial routes that can be used to help treat a child or adult with Sensory Processing Disorder. Surely, SPD can be overcome – one day at a time.