Is it dangerous to buy Adderall online

You might think buying Adderall is pretty much safe and easier due to the numerous online dispensaries, right? Well, it is true that there are many online dispensaries out there and it is indeed a great thing that anyone could go online and place an order for Adderall at any one of them. But here comes the twist. How do you know the online drug store you have chosen is authentic and reliable? Reliable online stores in the US usually ask for prescription to help you get done with the purchase process of Adderall at their stores. It is always safe to get Adderall from these stores. There are some online pharmacies that sell Adderall at very cheap prices. They sell fake or counterfeit products in the name of Adderall that could cause significant effects on the users. Also, these pharmacies are mostly based out of the US and they do not have the necessary regulations in place.

Dangers of buying Adderall Online

The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, whose duty is to approve the online dispensaries in the US, conducted a review among thousands of online drug stores in the US. The review brought some of the worst fears of people out showing that most people are prone to buy their Adderall or any other medication from a fake seller if the set out to buy it online.

The Board arrived at certain conclusive points based on the review.

  • Only four percent of the total online dispensaries are legal.
  • Majority of the lot never asked for a prescription
  • More than 60% of them do not have a physical address associated with their website
  • At least 40% of the online stores provided medication manufactured by foreign companies, that are not approved by the FDA
  • Nearly 25% of them are from overseas

This data shed light on the fact how buying Adderall online could turn out to be very harmful and unsatisfying for many users out there. It also shows that if a user is determined to buy Adderall online, he/she is prone to end up buying a counterfeit product. The product might seem like Adderall but there are more chances that it is not a genuine one. Also, most of the illegal pharmacies are based overseas, where there are no strict laws. Hence, they combine heavy metals, poison, rat poison, calcium, arsenic, paint and other toxic substances along with the Adderall product for profits.

Most of the fake sellers use either less or more of the active ingredient present in Adderall. As a result, the users tend to experience no effects at all or harmful side effects respectively. They do not follow proper manufacturing methods and make it very risky for the customers who buy it from these illegal sources.

Buying Adderall online safely

To buy Adderall safely, you will have to research on various public platforms where they might have written about reliable online stores. Also, these ratings and reviews might give proper idea on the authentic stores, where people rate the online stores based on customer satisfaction and quality.

However, if you do not have all the time to do it, you can always follow these safety steps before you proceed to buy Adderall online.

  • Please purchase from the online stores that do have legal stores in the US
  • It is always good to check VIPPS symbol at the online store you intend to buy
  • Never make any purchase at the online stores that do not demand a prescription
  • Do not make a purchase at an online dispensary that lacks a pharmacist
  • Make sure that the online dispensary is registered and has the necessary license to do business in your State
  • Also make sure that the particular online pharmacy has a physical address based in the US and not overseas.

An important factor to consider

It must be definitely alarming how these fake illegal online dispensaries keep making millions of profit in spite of the awareness and other movements. Cost is an important factor that governs the market. Financial issue is a major problem everywhere and people can’t spend more money on the medications due to the high cost set by the pharmaceutical companies. Also, the cost of medications in the US is more compared to the other places in the world. This ultimately forces customers to opt for a cheaper version of Adderall or go with a cost effective solution that might really help them save money. However, what they don’t realize is that cost is one factor that these fake pharmacies take advantage of to rob money from people while affecting them with adverse effects. Reports suggest that users are likely to end up with a fake Adderall product if they set out to buy it at stores that promise unbelievably low prices.

Is it legal to buy Adderall online?

It is indeed legal to buy Adderall online if you have the needed prescription and if the store is authentic and reliable. But if you opt for any other seller overseas or someone who supplies products acquired from foreign manufacturers, then you are prone to face certain legal complications. For example, you will not be allowed to buy more than three month supply of the Adderall product even if the foreign manufacturer had been approved by the DEA and if you promise not to use the medication for commercialization. If you indulge in any activities otherwise, you are likely to face the wrath of law.


Buying Adderall online can’t be really dangerous if you do your research well and select certain online dispensaries that are reliable and trustworthy. Also, in case the cost is a major issue for you, you can always consult your doctor or any other expert for any suggestions on alternative or generic forms of Adderall that can be way cheaper than the branded one. But make sure that you don’t really go for the prices since it is likely that low priced Adderall turns out to be a counterfeit product in most cases.