The SPD International/Parent SHARE Shoppes

Owned by SPD International, Sponsor of SPD Parent SHARE

At SPD International SHARE, our goal is to help families worldwide to understand and treat Sensory Processing Disorder. To help us meet this goal, we have created The SHARE Shoppes. A portion of the proceeds from everything you purchas here on the SPD Internationl and SPD Parent SHARE Shoppes go to our Host community, to allow us to continue operating and continue being an outstanding source of support and help in your community!

Choose Your SHARE Shoppe:

Amazon Corner Bookstore
Books, music, art, supplies, curriculum, and more… All handpicked and brought to you by one of the most trusted online companies.

Learning Adventure Shoppe
Learning…Good! Adventures…Good! Combine the two and you have an SPD kid who laughs, plays and has a blast while learning. Blend activities, imagination and learning with many of the supplies in these shops.

Cafe Press Shoppe
Journals, clothing, calendars, and other fun merchandis to promote SPD Awareness.

Pampering Parents Shoppe
In all our efforts to help our kids there is somebody who always gets lost in the shuffle. Somebody who never gives up, never gives in, and never stops trying. You. The parents who live day in and day out, often with no breaks and no sitters to help. This store is dedicated to you. Our way of saying, please don’t forget how important you are. And that YOU need a little pampering too!

A Note About Our Shoppes

Your kids mean the world to us. Your family matters. Everything we do, and all the work of our Hosts center around how we can best help you, to help your family. We start support groups in your towns, states and countries. We create online groups, for those families who can’t get to a local group. We go to schools, doctors and therapists helping them to understand Sensory Processing Disorder, and how they can help your family. We talk to you on the phone, in emails and at the Park, and we want to do more…

It is critical for our kids, to make certain that our educators and homeschoolers have curriculum and learning materials available, which is geared toward their different learning styles. It is imperative we try to get the best and most current information about programs and new equipment into the hands of providers and therapists to help your child. And most important of all… is your family. We must enable you to help your own family with books to understand SPD. With toys, games and music that will be part of the therapeutic process. With home and backyard equipment to help with vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive, visual, motor skills and all the senses.

Our goal is to SHARE what has worked with our children with you. Each of our SHARE Shoppes is our way of sharing what has worked with us. Every store is filled with carefully selected products, merchandise, music, books and equipment we feel may be of benefit to your child, or yourself. If you can learn all you can about SPD and then discover what your child specifically needs, you will be well on your way to a fuller life with endless possibilities for your child.

And while you’re at it? Take a moment or two for yourself. You need a bit of pampering too. Or send a basket of thanks to someone who really cares.

We are delighted to share our favorite books and products with you in our SHARE Shoppes!

The SPD International SHARE Shoppes … our way of showing we care.

Browse around our constantly growing site. We’d love to help you find what you need. Is there something you are looking for but cannot find here? Drop us a note, we may be able to find that item for you. : ) Request Items Here

Reminder: A percentage of proceeds from all of our SPD International SHARE Shoppes help our Hosts educate and support SPD families by spreading awareness materials, sharing resources, and providing educational supplies.