Learning Adventure Shoppe

The individual stores in this shoppe all contain products, materials and educational supplies many of us Hosts and parents have found useful in helping our children. Combining educational materials with fun, interactive activities enhances memory retention and comprehension. Check with your therapist or professional for specific areas of sensory deficits to make appropriate choices in play equipment. Learning can be a delightful adventure, and we hope you can find many products to make your own child’s learning adventure fun! Click on each store image to enter their shop.

Rosetta Stone Language Software

Rosetta Stone is The World’s #1 Language-Learning Software, acclaimed for its success in helping millions of people learn a new language through easy-to-use software programs. This software effectively teaches all 4 language skills: listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking. 30 languages are offered as CD-ROM and Online Subscription in up to 3 proficiency levels.

ClickN READ Phonics

READ Phonics is the first ever reading program to teach just like a live tutor. Meeting federal requirements it teaches the entire phonics curriculum required for K-3rd. It is the only product needed to teach a child to read! It also works great for learning challenges and adults learning to read English. With Internet access, ClickN’ READ Phonics is available anywhere.

Learning Things

The Education Store where you you’ll find great prices on thousands of educational books, software, science kits, craft sets, educational toys and more. Great store for every kind of learning! You will no doubt find something you or your kids will absolutely love. If you homeschool your child, this is the store for you!

Learning Things also offers free shipping and great clearance deals.


Do you need college books? Foreign Language Dictionaries or Cliff Notes? Looking for Homeschool Curriculum, or books for reading pleasure? From under $2.00 and up, you will find a huge selection of books and related gifts. Very broad selection of learning and fun materials! Buy and sell discounted new and used textbooks here! The books you are looking for at the prices you need.

Back To Basics Toys

Founded in 1988 by discerning parents who wanted their children to enjoy the same quality of play that they remembered and cherished. They offer classic games, puzzles and toys cherished by generations, and new toys bound to be the classics of tomorrow. For our SPD kiddos? Great selection of hoppin’, boppin, spinnin’, leapin, zippin’ and flyin’ fun equipment! Give your child the gift of a Sensory Workout, and all they’ll know, is it’s FUN!

Back to Basics Toys assures their customers of continual quality review, by a rigorous testing and approval process. There’s no lead in these products.


Fast, fun & effective memorization for the upper times tables. Clean N” Flips, Memory Trigger and Out-of-the-Box Education E-Books. Tap into the different learning styles common to our SPD kids by using some great memory strategies to enhance retention!


Kids love to learn about animals! Turn that love of animals into a love of reading with Parent’s #1 Choice, Zoobooks Magazine. Just for kids ages 4 – 12. Our kids just can’t get enough of these full color, fun and fact filled magazines. Great learning tool. Especially recommended by the Hosts of SPD Parent SHARE.

Nick Jr. Magazine

Kids favorite. Games, activities and stories for kids

Edmund Scientifics

Is it any wonder our amazing kids have learning gifts, along with their special challenges? If yours is interested in Science, encourage them to reach higher and discover the wonder! Edmund Scientific’s is the leading provider of science education products to K-12 teachers, homeschoolers, and hobbyists throughout the United States. Their science education product lines cover a wide range including Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Forensics, Physics and Scientific Inquiry. This well established company has been in the business of science since 1957.

Science Kits

Wow! Science kits galore! Teaching kits, discovery kits, invent-it kits. High quality, reasonably priced adventures in Science. We love this one. : )

Ward’s Natural Science

If you child has a passion for hands on, scientific investigation in any area of Natural Science, you will want to visit this store. Live and preserved specimens, equipment, teaching materials and a special section just for homeschoolers.

Knowledge Adventure

Leading favorite of ours to help our kids get a jump start on learning! We love the fun, interactive way this multisensory method of reading and math are presented.

Baby Center

With so many concerns about toxins with our Sensory kids…who wouldn’t love this shop, with eco-friendly products, natural remedies and new gadgets to die for?! For both Mom and Baby, this is one of our favorites!3

Amazon UnBox

Have a hard time getting to the movie store to rent or buy Movies? Does your child just love certain shows? With the new Amazon UnBox, you can rent a movie or favorite television show, or purchase to keep. No hassle, no trip out with the darlings to contend with. Easy breezy!


Founded in 1983 by Barbara Kane because of a growing conviction that, “…too often, in our culture, children are pushed to grow up too fast. I started HearthSong to make a statement reinforcing what parents themselves know is true, right and healthy–that childhood is a very special time.” Children need time to be children.

We couldn’t agree more and so will you, when you see these products! Unique, delightful, whimsical. Love them!

Magic Cabin

Providing a delightful assortment of heirloom-quality, all-natural playthings. From Arts & Crafts supplies and projects to Dolls and Toys, one will find playthings that foster imagination and creative play. Their mission is to provide quality natural-fiber dolls that represent all the colors of humanity; toys with simple designs to encourage creative, imaginative play; craft kits for all ages and abilities; and friendly, reliable service. MUST browse through this shop! It’s Adorable!