The New SPD Parent SHARE!

Welcome to the brand new, freshly redesigned and redeveloped version of A lot has changed on this site, and a lot has been added. While there may be some transition pains (I know – transition pains are big for all us SPD’ers), I strongly believe that the new structure and design for this site is, overall, a major enhancement over the previous rendition.

This took a lot of hours and plenty of ‘cramming’ on my behalf, and I believe it was well worth it. I am very pleased with the end product that has come of this project, and am thrilled to be able to present this site to you today as it is. To explain all the new features and changed features from the original site, this will take a few paragraphs, so read on.

What’s New

A LOT is new! Aside from the new layout, here are some new features you can find here that weren’t on the site before:

What’s Changed?

To put it simply… pretty much everything that had to do with the original layout and design of the previous site. Pretty much every aesthetic aspect of this site has changed. Here are some of the differences you can expect to find:

What Stayed the Same?

Very little of the content has changed! Most of the articles found here have gone through little or no alteration in the transition between designs, from one webmaster to another. I don’t want to change Michelle’s words, just reorganize the site and prepare it for the future.

May this new site serve you well on your quest to help you or your child(ren) with Sensory Processing Disorder, and may the resources here be as big of a blessing to you as they have been for me. Please let us know if you have any comments in our Contact Us page. Thank you.

— Daniel Travis, SPD Parent SHARE Administrator, December 2017.