Living With SPD… Real Stories, Real Struggles

If you are wondering what living with Sensory Processing Disorder may be like, for the child, the siblings, or the family, this is the place to see life through the eyes and hearts of those who have been there.

Here you will find a collection of real-life experiences with SPD, written by families and adults who live with this disorder. You may recognize pieces of your own family, yourself, or someone you know. You may realize, you are not alone anymore!

When we can look at the world through the eyes of SPD:

  • we can see great hope and possibilities
  • we find understanding and compassion
  • we begin to see the path of recovery
  • we begin to see… abilities

We have divided our stories into two major catagories:
SPD Parenting Stories and SPD Adult Testimonials

Real stories about loss, love, acceptance, and hope. Real people, real families, real experiences…