Your Home for Local SPD Support

If you are raising a child with SPD and are having a rough time, an adult suffering from SPD, or just simply looking to share your story with others, the support you find in our “Find upport” section is just what you are needing.

This area of our website contains a list of all of our currently active hosts, including their email addresses, so that you can try to contact someone immediately for help. We have Hosts in many states, and several overseas. We are available to help, just waiting for someone who needs it.

If you would like to join an online support group, there are many available here, as well. This includes our top parenting SPD group, SID-DSI AllAboutKids, which has been running for almost seven years solid and has well over 2,600 members and growing! When that many parents get together and share their advise and support one and other, lives are changed. Be one of those lives today by joining that group, or one of our other groups today!

Here’s what you can look forward to seeing in our “Find Support” section: