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SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E. Hosts are dedicated to bringing hope, information and support to parents, relatives, teachers and other professionals locally and in the forum of online support groups.

The following is a listing of all currently active groups owned by our Hosts or overseen by The SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E. Host Group Network.

SPD International

Our forums! This site is free and open to all parents, adults, and professionals who are effected by SPD. It is a different kind of group, offering not only the chance to share and receive help for SPD, but also providing members a place to discuss whatever they want to talk about, and get to know one and other in a laid back environment. Site owner: Daniel Travis

Moderators: Host D1G1T (Daniel Travis), Martin


The world’s LARGEST and BEST SPD support group on Yahoo!!! SID-DSI AllAboutKids is an International SPD group for parents, relatives, teachers, and therapists. International Administrator/Host Michelle Morris, list owner.

Moderators; Anna Letaw, Hosts Erin Johnson and Bev Isaacson, and Manager Daniel Travis


Are you an adult with SPD? Here is a wonderful support group that offers support, help, and resources for adolescents and adults with SPD. No diagnosis required to join. List Owner: Michelle Morris

Moderators: Host Erin Johnson and Host Bev Isaacson, and Host Manager Daniel Travis

Also available:

SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E. Host Group

Home site for active S.H.A.R.E. Hosts to share information and support one another. Apply to join if you would like to become a Host.

It’s easy to apply, just visit our Host Application page or email International Host Manager Daniel Travis at:

SPD Life Group

SPD Life is the home group for .Ran by Daniel Travis, Erin Johnson, and Bev Isaacson, it is the first group to offer a diversity of support for everyone. It is open to adults who are suffering from SPD, parents of children suffering$ from SPD, OTs and other professionals. Join today!

Join SPD Life Support Group

SPD College Life

New Group! Now available, the first group to offer support specifically geared toward college students with SPD. Future, current, and alumni students are all welcome. This group is open to people who have to deal with both the struggles of living with SPD, and going to college.

Join SPD College Life Support Group

Sensory Planet

An international support site, gathering parents of SPD children, therapists, and adult SPD sufferers from all over the globe. It is a wonderful resource and support site, including forums, groups, and blogs.

Moderators: Carrie Fannin, Host members: Manager Daniel Travis, Hosts Erin Johnson and Bev Isaacson

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SPD Parent SHARE State Groups

Looking to find people in your own state to talk to? These state groups can offer just that, support, help, and resources for people in your community.

State SHARE Group Moderating Host(s)
Colorado SPD Colorado SHARE Cyndi Deville and Michelle Morris
Connecticut SPD Connecticut SHARE Reianne Madigan and Michelle Morris
Georgia SPD Georgia SHARE Melissa Feldhaus and Michelle Morris
Idaho SPD Idaho SHARE Dr. Alan and Holly Barnes and Michelle Morris
Illinois SPD Illinois SHARE Rebecca Adamantis and Michelle Morris
Kentucky SPD Kentucky SHARE Jennifer Edwards and Michelle Morris
Missouri SPD Missouri SHARE Rose McCoy and Michelle Morris
New York SPD New York SHARE Becky Moll and Michelle Morris
Ohio SPD Ohio SHARE Lindsay Kelly and Michelle Morris
Oklahoma SPD Oklahoma SHARE Lisa Krebs and Michelle Morris
Pennsylvania SPD Pennsylvania SHARE Jennifer Hirsch and Michelle Morris
Texas SPD Texas SHARE Tamra Brayer and Michelle Morris
Virginia SPD Virginia SHARE Jennifer Sprague and Michelle Morris
Washington SPD Washington SHARE Heidi Roy and Michelle Morris

SPD State Groups by Carrie Fannin

The following groups were all set up by Carrie Fannin from SPD Parent Connections. They are also great resources and are available to all SPD families. Several of them are also moderated by SHARE Hosts you know and trust.

State SPD Support Group Moderating Host(s)
Alabama SPD Alabama Carrie Fannin, PC
Alaska SPD Alaska Carrie Fannin, PC
Arizona SPD Arizona Carrie Fannin, PC
Arkansas SPD Arkansas Carrie Fannin, PC
California SPD California Carrie Fannin, PC
Colorado SPD Colorado Carrie Fannin, PC
Connecticut SPD Connecticut Carrie Fannin, PC
Delaware SPD Delaware Carrie Fannin, PC
Florida SPD Florida Carrie Fannin, PC
Georgia SPD Georgia Carrie Fannin, PC
Hawaii SPD Hawaii Carrie Fannin, PC
Idaho SPD Idaho Carrie Fannin, PC
Illinois SPD Illinois Carrie Fannin, PC
Indiana SPD Indiana Carrie Fannin, PC
Iowa SPD Iowa Carrie Fannin, PC
Kansas SPD Kansas Carrie Fannin, PC
Kentucky SPD Kentucky Carrie Fannin, PC
Louisiana SPD Louisiana Carrie Fannin, PC
Maine SPD Maine Carrie Fannin, PC
Maryland SPD Maryland Carrie Fannin, PC
Massachusetts SPD Massachusetts Carrie Fannin, PC
Michigan SPD Michigan Daniel Travis and Carrie Fannin, PC
Minnesota SPD Minnesota Carrie Fannin, PC
Mississippi SPD Mississippi Carrie Fannin, PC
Missouri SPD Missouri Carrie Fannin, PC
Montana SPD Montana Carrie Fannin, PC
Nebraska SPD Nebraska Carrie Fannin, PC
Nevada SPD Nevada Carrie Fannin, PC
New Hampshire SPD New Hampshire Carrie Fannin, PC
New Jersey SPD New Jersey Carrie Fannin, PC
New Mexico SPD New Mexico Carrie Fannin, PC
New York SPD New York Carrie Fannin, PC
North Carolina SPD North Carolina Carrie Fannin, PC
North Dakota SPD North Dakota Carrie Fannin, PC
Ohio SPD Ohio Carrie Fannin, PC
Oklahoma SPD Oklahoma Carrie Fannin, PC
Oregon SPD Oregon Carrie Fannin, PC
Pennsylvania SPD Pennsylvania Carrie Fannin, PC
Rhode Island SPD Rhode Island Carrie Fannin, PC
South Carolina SPD South Carolina Carrie Fannin, PC
South Dakota SPD South Dakota Carrie Fannin, PC
Tennessee SPD Tennessee Carrie Fannin, PC
Texas SPD Texas Carrie Fannin, PC
Utah SPD Utah Carrie Fannin, PC
Vermount SPD Vermount Carrie Fannin, PC
Virginia SPD Virginia Carrie Fannin, PC
Washington SPD Washington Carrie Fannin, PC
West Virginia SPD West Virginia Carrie Fannin, PC
Wisconsin SPD Wisconsin Carrie Fannin, PC
Wyoming SPD Wyoming Carrie Fannin, PC

International SPD SHARE Groups

SPD Australia SHARE

Helping SPD Families throughout Australia.

List Owner: Michelle Morris, Moderator: Host Rosemary Dunn

Join SPD Australia SHARE support group.


Helping SPD Families throughout Israel.

List Owner: Michelle Morris, Moderator: Host Adiya Berkovic

Join SPD Israel SHARE support group.

Other Recommended/Affiliated Support Groups

Christians with SPD children (Yahoo group) – Host Heidi Roy co-moderating

AdultSID (Yahoo group)

sid-dsi (Yahoo group) – (this one is not SID-DSI AllAboutKids!)

DSI Spectrum Kids (Yahoo group) – Host Maria Roark co-moderating

SPD Companion SHARE (Yahoo group) – Owner: Michelle Morris
This group is for people who are married to people with SPD, and is waiting for members.