What are the effects of CBD oil?

CBD oil has helped plenty of people through its anti-anxiety and anti-inflammatory effects. However, it has left an equal number of people confused about its nature. Before we proceed further we must clear certain things about CBD. Yes, both CBD and THC come from the cannabis plant. That does not mean there are the same. In fact, only THC can make you become high. CBD does not possess any such ability.

How did CBD oil come to be known?

how did cbd oil come to be knownOne of the reasons for CBD oil becoming known is the story of Charlotte. This girl had suffered from more than a hundred seizures. Her parents gave her CBD oil in an effort to reduce the number of seizures she suffered from. CBD oil had managed to reduce the number of seizures the girl suffered to zero. This has resulted in CBD oil getting a cult following. As the news of this miracle spread many parents have started to make trips to Colorado in hopes that their children can be saved the same as Charlotte.

The Scope of CBD oil today

Initially, CBD oil was used by people who were seriously ill. But now things have changed and the uses of CBD oil is not limited to seriously ill people. Nowadays it is taken by people who want to feel better. As a result of this CBD oil has found its way into many products. These products range from drinks to other eatables. This new popularity has not, however, removed the legal cloud that is surrounding it. Many people are entirely sure that using CBD oil is legal. In fact, there is so much information about CBD oil on the internet that it is difficult to separate the truth from the myth. That is what we plan to do here. Separate the truth from the myth.

Is it possible to become high after consuming CBD?

Is it possible to become high after consuming CBDMany people are worried that they will become high when they take CBD. The main reason for this question is that CBD oil comes from the cannabis plant. Yes, the same plant from which we get THC. Even though both compounds come from the same plant, CBD oil does not possess the ability to make anyone high. Any cannabis plant that contains more than 0.3 % THC is considered as marijuana and if the level is less than 0.3 % the cannabis plant is considered as hemp legally. Hemp and CBD oil products are legal in all the states while you can legally buy marijuana in states where it has been legalized.

CBD oil can provide numerous physiological health benefits, but are they true or just hype?

cbd health true or hypeKnow what are all the benefits of CBD oil before using it. CBD oil is different from conventional pharmaceutical drugs in the sense it can do more than one thing. CBD oil can help the body find balance, reduce the inflammation felt by the body, kill cancer cells and prevent their spread, and decrease the blood pressure in case it becomes too high. In the case of conventional pharmaceutical drugs, one will need many drugs for each purpose. The number of situations in which CBD oil is the best option can be more than 40 easily. This is what makes CBD oil special.

Many people use CBD oil to treat conditions insomnia and anxiety, but does using CBD oil really help?

According to the studies that have conducted into CBD oil there exists a connection between the endocannabinoid system (ECS), central nervous system, the different neurotransmitters, and CBD oil. Even though CBD cannot make you feel high, it can help improve one’s mood. They do this by increasing the activities of receptors responsible for happiness and decreasing the activities of receptors responsible for anxiety. In short, the search has suggested that CBD oil has the ability to act as a general mood enhancer. This feature coupled with the compound’s antipsychotic, anxiolytic, and antidepressant properties makes it highly popular. Many CBD oil manufacturers are surprised by the fact that a large number of their customers are buying CBD oil from them to treat depression and anxiety issues. That is why some of these CBD oil manufacturers have joined with universities to research the effect of CBD oil on not only serious neurological disorders but also on anxiety and PTSD.

I am not sure about the working of CBD oil in my body. Is it safe for me to consume CBD oil?

CBD oil interacts with both the body and the brain through the Endocannabinoid system. Through this system, the CBD oil can interact with almost all parts of the body. It is through these interactions that CBD oil is able to do things like homeostasis. According to the research already conducted it has been established that the Endocannabinoid system is important for maintaining a healthy body. This system is active when the body is affected by diseases. Since CBD oil can help this system maintain the balance in the body, it stands to reason that it can help the system fight against diseases.

Also, thanks to the many types of research and studies conducted into CBD oil many of the misconceptions are being cleared. In fact, these researchers and studies seem to suggest that it will be better to take CBD oil instead of taking many of the pharmaceutical drugs.

There are many manufacturers selling CBD oil. How do I tell the high-quality ones from the fake ones?

Since there is no regulatory body controlling the CBD oil industry, the best way to determine whether your CBD oil is of high quality is through third-party lab testing. As a thumb rule, you should buy CBD oil products that were created using therapeutic hemp instead of industrial hemp. This is because therapeutic hemp contains more CBD than industrial hemp. Also, the chances of the CBD oil becoming contaminated is very less. There are many guidelines concerning the quality of hemp plants and they are easily available in public domains.

I have just started taking CBD oil. What are the reactions I should expect now, a week from now and so on?

There is no chart available anywhere in the world that can answer this question. This is because everyone’s body is unique. Even if two people have the same body weight, the chances that their medical history being the same is very low. In short, it is very hard to tell what effects CBD oil will have on your body. For some, the effects might come faster than others. So, the best thing to do in such situations is to monitor and see if they are any changes taking place in your body.

I have been taking CBD oil products for some time now. Is it possible for me to become addicted to CBD oil?

In the case of addiction the chemical bind to a specific receptor in the brain. It is thanks to this repeated bonding that the body becomes habituated. As a result, the body develops tolerance and as a result, the body becomes addicted. This is not the case with CBD oil. In the case of CBD oil, it does not bind to any receptors. Instead, the compound acts as a modulator and regulator. Thus, people who take CBD oil will not develop tolerance and thus, need to increase their dosage to maintain efficiency. In fact, once the person has found the exact level of CBD needed they can use the same level of CBD to get the same results. There have been cases where people have reduced the level of CBD they used without suffering any side-effects. That is the chances of you suffering from cold turkey after stopping using CBD oil is nearly zero.

Will the potency of CBD oil extracted from hemp plants be different from those extracted from marijuana plants?

Technically there is no difference in the potency of CBD oil extracted from hemp plants and those extracted from marijuana plants. Both plants give the same type of CBD. You might feel some difference due to the presence of other compounds such as THC. But you must also remember that the CBD oil extracted from different hemp plants are different. In case the company uses a hemp plant that has low amounts of CBD then they will have to process huge quantities of plants to get a small amount of CBD.

Overdose deaths are becoming common. Is the same possible for CBD oil and if so how?

The first thing you must understand is that you can kill yourself by taking too much CBD. This is because the ratio between therapeutic dosage and lethal dosage is too high in the case of CBD. That does not mean you cannot overdose yourself on CBD. There are chances that you will overdose yourself and in the worst situation, your body will have some unpleasant experiences. That is all. There is zero chance that the overdose will cause your body to suffer from permanent damage.