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Welcome to the brand new and very improved SPD Parent S.H.A.R.E. website! Here you will find the best in online SPD resources, as well as opportunities to get involved in your community, and help us continue to work wonders in the lives of so many who are touched by the struggles that Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) can bring to a family.

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SPD Parent SHARE is just the site you’ve been looking for. We are a collaborative of both an SPD resource center, and a support group headquarters! Our resources and articles are some of the best on the whole web, and our SPD Parent SHARE Hosts are always more than willing to reach out and help those who need it most. Our Support Groups section offers the best online support groups that we’ve ever seen, and we’re not just being biased! we strongly believe that problems faced by people in today’s world are because of health related issues, which they find it difficult to come out or to take cure of themselves.

Don’t believe our groups are the best? Just join SPD International or SID-DSI All About Kids and see for yourself!

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